I am content to stay here and watch the playoff game probably from the comfort of my son's place. but there may be those Vikings fans that have to try to get to Philadelphia to watch the game. If you have the $$$ it's possible to do that.

Tickets go on sale today(Tuesday) starting at 9 am. Ticketmaster the place to go or call 1-800-745-3000. General tickets are $170-$255 each. Standing room only tickets $135. Sun Country Airlines is one travel option. About $600.00 per person for coach, $1000 per person for first class. You do not need a hotel with their trip. It leaves at 8 am Sunday, returns 1 am Monday. If you make other flight arrangements there are hotels available but I am sure they will come at a premium price. Travel time by car is about 17 + hours. 1,122 miles.

You can gamble and get there and wait til after kickoff. If there are tickets still left they will probably go cheaper.

With my budget, it's going to be easier to be warm and comfortable in front of a big screen and watch them win and I can still make a lot of noise. GO VIKINGS!!!!

Detroit Lions v Minnesota Vikings
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