They've gone to the extreme.

A viral video shows a shopper at a Florida Walmart with a pair of ribeye steaks in his hands, but it is the security measure being taken by the store to protect the meat that has the internet talking.

As you will see in the video below, the premium steaks are wrapped in what appears to be mesh security wire.

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Yes, Walmart has gone the distance when it comes to stopping customers from stealing premium pieces of meat.

If you frequent any Walmart store, you'll notice that some items are locked up to prevent customers from stealing them.

There have been lawsuits in the past against the giant retail chain for locking up certain items because some say they were racially motivated, but many of those lawsuits were dropped.

My take on this is if Walmart is having to do this, it's because there is a problem. Yes, they must have noticed a trend here to have to lock up their ribeye steaks.

I also assume once you pay for the meat, the wire or security measure device is removed.


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