Dinosaurs are back at the Minnesota Zoo, but not forever. The exhibit will only be open for a limited time but it's a super cool experience that you should definitely take your kids to check out this summer.

I've been to a dinosaur exhibit at the Minnesota Zoo before, like before COVID, and it was really cool! But apparently, this dinosaur experience is supposed to be "even bigger" according to their Facebook.

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Dino Hideout at the Minnesota Zoo

They had a preview version of their Dino Hideout experience in the fall. They posted on their Facebook about the short-term exhibit saying it was a limited-time preview "for an even bigger prehistoric experience next spring and summer". And by next spring and summer that means this spring and summer.

The big Dine Hideout exhibit is officially open and welcoming guests! So if your kids love dinosaurs this would be a great experience to check out this summer.

The dinosaurs move and make noise and everything. It's a fun adventure for all ages.

I haven't seen the Minnesota Zoo post anything on their Facebook about Dino Hideout officially being open but their website says it's now "Open for the Season". That means it will close at the end of the summer so get there when you can.

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