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LARK Toys in Kellogg, MN has been ahead of the game, requiring masks and clean hands even before the Governor Walz order. They say, for the most part, people have been cool about it.

But not this family.

Please read their Facebook Post and do everything you can to NOT be these people. Unless you're a toddler in need of a nap, there is literally no excuse for acting this way.

To our LARK Toys friends:
Many of you know that since we reopened in mid-May we have required hand washing at the entrance, masks, and distancing. Initially we observed a few visitors read the sign outside our door and promptly leave. One woman even told us she'd never shop at our store again. That’s not pleasant, but we persevered. We have staff of many ages; we have customers with all sorts of health issues; and we have wanted to do our very best to keep everyone safe. In recent weeks, fewer people have protested, and most now come in wearing their masks cheerfully, especially since the Governor’s mask mandate. More than one person has thanked us for helping them feel safe enough to bring in an elderly relative. We've been sitting at a table near the front door much of each day, trying to be sure all is well. And then something new happened.

Some people who are anti-mask have been posting on social media that all you have to do is walk in to a store, announce that you have a medical exemption, and you don't need to follow the Governor's mask mandate. Hmmmmm. We have had a few individuals tell us of their need and we accommodated them. We've had a few parents tell us about their child with special needs who can't tolerate a mask, and we accommodated.

Credit: Lark Toys Facebook Page
Credit: Lark Toys Facebook Page

Today, though, a woman, a man, and two children came in. When we inquired about masks, they announced that their entire family is medically exempt and we can't make them wear one. As we were contemplating what to do, the man became highly aggressive and threatening. At that point, we asked them to leave, and after more threats, they drove away signaling their real feelings. We might have given them the benefit of the doubt, but their hostility and aggressive behavior crossed a line. We photographed their license number and reported them to both local law enforcement and to the state. We are determined to be a place of peace, safety, and delight.

So, if you happen to be determined not to wear a mask and don't have a medical reason, please refrain from in-person shopping at our mom and pop store and visit us online at larktoys.com. We’ll be glad to ship to you or provide curbside pickup.

Here's the FB post.

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