This is a great reminder to make sure your doors are locked before you head to bed for the night.

Bethann Gondeck from Sauk Rapids shared a video captured on her Ring doorbell of a man trying to break into her home Monday night:

Does any one recognize this man? He attempted to break into our house last night at 12:40 am. We are in the Sauk Rapids area but he could potentially be from the surrounding areas. If you recognize him, please contact theSauk Rapids Police Department.

The video shows the man approaching the door, opening the screen door, and attempting to kick the door open before fleeing off. Bethann shared in the comments that the kicking on the door shook the whole house. She also shared that he had gone through their vehicle in the driveway.

Bethann's post was shared on Facebook over 100 times in the first hour of it being posted, and thankfully she did have that video doorbell that provides great evidence for the police department.

As someone who lives in the Sauk Rapids area myself, I know I'll be double-checking that the doors are locked in my house every night. We had our cars broken into by some teenagers a few years back, but for the most part, the community feels very safe. This situation that a citizen found themselves in serves as a reminder to not get too comfortable when it comes to home security.

If you recognize the man in the video or photo below, you are being asked to report it to the Sauk Rapids Police Department.

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