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The Better Business Bureau's (BBB) ScamTracker has sent out a warning. Even if you're  running late on buying Valentine's flowers, watch out for Florist Scam Websites.

The BBB...has received numerous reports from shoppers who turned to online florists for last-minute orders. They paid for a beautiful arrangement but ended up getting disappointing flowers – or nothing at all. (BBB)

How the Scam Works

The bureau says when you wait too long to get your flowers, you look around the internet, and "find a website that promises beautiful flowers, delivered on time, at a reasonable price. You enter your credit card information and delivery details. Problem solved… or so you think!"

The scam could go best case scenario. Flowers are delivered, but not on time, damaged, nothing like what you ordered. You cannot get a refund or even complain because they just. Don't. Respond.

"Other consumers have reported that after paying, they are contacted by the florist shop and forced to upgrade their purchase, paying extra for something they don’t actually want to buy."

The recommendation is to research the seller, which is a good idea. But you can also stick with buying local, from businesses in Southeast Minnesota that have brick and mortar locations.  Just Google, they're there.

To learn more, read the BBB Tip: Choosing a Florist. You can also learn some practical tips to avoid scams in general by visiting  If you’ve been the victim of a scam when you made an online purchase, please report it at BBB.org/ScamTracker/us.

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