A recent study of Twitter trends claims that the average Minnesotan gets 8 hours 54 minutes of sleep every night -- more than any other state.

There are certain studies that -- to be frank -- smell like a pile of s***. Like this one claiming that Minnesota's most popular Christmas cookie is a gluten-free Christmas cookie (seriously?). Or this study claiming that Minnesota's favorite holiday movie is Jingle All the Way (just because it's set in Minnesota doesn't mean it's our favorite holiday movie). Or this study claiming that Minnesota's favorite "trashy beer" is Coors Light (ever hear of Busch?). Or this study claiming that Minnesota eats less ice cream than every other state (analyzing how often we visit an ice cream venue is not an accurate study).

The latest totally reliable, totally trustworthy, totally accurate representation of Minnesota is this "study" regarding our sleep habits. Turning to Twitter -- specifically, tweets that include the hashtags #goodmorning and #goodnight -- the folks at Mornings.co.uk estimated how much sleep people in Minnesota get each night compared to folks elsewhere. According to their findings, Minnesotans get the most sleep in the country with an average of 8 hours 54 minutes of sleep each night. Specifically, those in Minneapolis generally turn in for the night at 10:59pm and wake up at 8:45am for a total of 9 hours 46 minutes of sleep each night while folks across the river in St. Paul reportedly get an estimated 9 hours 39 minutes of sleep.

Again, this isn't based on any actual sleep study; it's based on when people tweet #goodnight and #goodmorning each day. Wow, how impressively scientific.

Rounding out the Top 5 list of states that get the most sleep are Louisiana (8h 53m), Arkansas (8h 44m), South Dakota (8h 43m) and Vermont (8h 42m). The Top 5 states getting the least amount of sleep each night are:

1. Michigan (5h 56m)
2. Illinois (5h 57m)
3. North Carolina (6h 01m)
4. Massachusetts (6h 14m)
5. Florida (6h 14m)

Mornings.co.uk further breaks down the sleep habits of cities and countries around the world, if you're interested in reading those. Why the cynical tone, anyway? It's not that I doubt that Minnesotans actually get a good night's rest. I just don't think Twitter and its hashtags are a reliable study source of the world's sleep habits. Take that for what you will.

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