The Untied States Department of Agriculture (USDA) has appointed Pork Producer from Easton Dale Stevermer to the National Pork Board. The National Pork Board has 15 members that are nominated by the National Pork Producers Delegate Body which is made up of 145 pork producers and five importer members. Then the nominees are appointed by the USDA. They are charged with overseeing the investment of check-off funds.

The check-off program began with the Pork Promotion Research and Consumer Information Act of 1985. All pork producers pay into the check-off when they sell pigs. The funds must be used for research, education and promotion only. Every year there is an audit by the USDA to make sure funds are properly allocated. Pork producers that pay into the check-off elect pork producers to determine where check-off funds are allocated.

I have known Dale and his wife Lori for many years as they have very involved in the Pork Industry. Dale is a distance runner and he was even running marathons and then his family and others would do pork grilling promotions for everyone after the race! In the picture is Dale and Lori doing interviews in the Media Booth at Minnesota Pork Congress that held every January at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Well, every January except last year because of the COVID-19 pandemic!

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