The Cardinal softball team was 8-5-1 coming into a match up with Glenville Emmons/Alden Conger 3-16. So on paper at very first glance this should have been an easy game for the Cardinals right?

Malia Hunt got the game off on a very good note by doing a wonderful job singing the National Anthem at field 3 in Alexander Park.  The Wolverines went down 1,2,3 in the first, the Cardinals got a hit from Malia Hunt, but she was left out there and it was 0-0.

In the second, the Wolverines batted through the line up, scoring 5 runs 4 hits, two Cardinal errors and one walk and one strikeout. After two innings I had Tess Glenzinski for 53 pitches. Cardinals got 3 hits in the 2nd, two others struck out and it was 5-0 after two.

Wolverines went down in order int the third, the Cardinals put togethr4 runs in the 3rd off 5 hits including a double from Grace Ashley, left one on and it was 5-4 GE/AC.
No runs from the Wolverines off 1 hit in the 4th and B.A. scord 2 uns off 3 hits to make it 6-5.

In the 5th 4 batters faced Glenzinkski and only got one hit. The Cardinals came up and went down 1,2,3.

In the 6th the Wolverines got 5 runs off of 5 hits and a walk and left 2 to make it 10-5. But B.A was not going out quitely. I had them for 9 runs 9 hits and two walks and they left 2 to make it the final of 14-10. The Wwolverines went down in order in the top of the 7th.

Tess Glenzinski got the win 71P, 10H, 10R 1 WALK 4 SO. Hitting she was 4-5, 3R, RBI, 3SB.
Malia Hunt 4-5, 3r,RBI, 3SB, Grace Viland 3-4 4RBI's, Grace Ashley 3-4 2RBI's 2B

Thar Cardinals are back in action against WEM at 5pm in Waterville Tuesday. 4:50 pm start time on Power96.

Cardinal Softball vs. Maple River April 15, 2016- photo by Gordy Kosfeld
Cardinal Softball vs. Maple River April 15, 2016- photo by Gordy Kosfeld


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