The Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) says using two lines while fishing is not allowed and issued citations to Bass Pro Tour anglers Jacob Wheeler and Alton Jones, Jr. for the usage during a event this week at Mille Lacs Lake.

Wheeler captured the Angler of the Year award for the second straight year.  He is from Harrison, Tennessee.  Jones, Jr. is from Waco, Texas.

Major League Fishing (MLF) Bass Tour Tournament Director Aaron Beshears issued the following statement today regarding the inadvertent violations.

"MLF Bass Tour Rule No. 33 permits an angler to utilize a second line once per period.  It was an oversight that this rule directly violated Minnesota DNR fishing regulations, and we did not properly communicate that to the anglers this week.  Upon being made aware of the regulation, we immediately informed all Bass Pro Tour anglers in the competition that they were to immediately cease using two lines for the remainder of the event."

The MLF statement continues, "We contacted the Minnesota DNR, who clarified the violations, and we're working closely with them to ensure that we're in full alignment with state fish and game regulations."

Wheeler and Jones were cited for the violation.  The MLF states they have accepted responsibility, will pay their fines, and face no further disciplinary action.

The MLF statement concludes, "We apologize to the State of Minnesota, the Minnesota DNR, and the anglers and outdoorsmen and women of Minnesota, and we look forward to wrapping up our regular season in what has been a fantastic tournament for us here at Mille Lacs Lake."

This is why I live in Minnesota.

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