St. Paul, MN (KROC-AM News) - Two Twin Cities men have been sentenced to federal prison for several years for a $400 bank robbery.

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And authorities say the gun they used was a replica weapon.

The robbery happened in 2020 in Garrison, Minnesota. Prosecutors say that 52-year-old John Paciorek of Minneapolis and 52-year-old James Ardito of Fridley waited for an employee to open the bank. Ardito hid in some bushes outside the bank while Paciorek waited in the vehicle. When the employee arrived Ardito emerged from the bushes and pulled out the replica gun. He then demanded cash from the bank teller drawers. The employee complied, giving Ardito $402 in cash. The two then fled.

The robbery was caught on the bank’s surveillance camera and Ardito was identified and later arrested. Ardito confessed to his and Paciorek’s involvement in the robbery.

Ardito pleaded guilty in January of last year and was sentenced to 58 months in prison. Paciorek pleaded guilty in October of last year and was sentenced to 90-months in prison.

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