Brian Demond George wants you to know that he doesn't care what you think about him being a father of 33 children from nine different women.

After George posted photos with (most of) his kids online, social media users called him "irresponsible" for having such a large amount of children.

George's children range in age from pre-teens and grade school kids to toddlers and infants, and while he is seen pictured with 24 of them there are still nine kids that didn't make the cookout photos that were posted online.

While some criticized George as being "nasty" he believes that he is a legend for fathering his children and considers them all to be his legacy. Multiple videos of George responding to his haters have also begun to go viral, all taken from a (very NSFW) live video that was posted to social media.

Just take this as your warning that anything you see, hear, or read beyond this point will more than likely be riddled with expletives and very NSFW behavior.

While some described George as "weak," he says that those claims couldn't be any farther from the truth.

Since so many people wondered how he could afford to properly care for these children from at least a financial standpoint, George was ready with answers.

Many were quick to point out that money doesn't necessarily equate to what is needed to properly raise that many children in a healthy, responsible manner.

Regardless of what his haters say, George seems to love his kids and claims to have what it takes to raise every single one of them, so unless we hear different from him or any of the nine women that he currently co-parents with, I guess we'll have to take him at his word.

And again, be warned, those words are very NSFW.

I'd ask you to give me your thoughts on the situation, but I'd hate for you to get berated by George—so proceed with any hot takes but do it with caution.

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