Want to attend the Rochester RV, Boat, Hunting, Vacation and Home Show 2019? Excellent! It's this weekend, the 11th, 12th, and 13th at the Mayo Civic Center!

With so many vendors, and so much to look at and to do, you'll want to click HERE and make a plan for the weekend.

Are you into lists? Cool, write down everything you need to see...for the house, inside and out, for vacations, for summer fun on the water or on the road, clothes, hunting...whew! That's going to be a big list. Instead. check out this handy dandy list we made for you!

The Top Ten Reasons to Attend the Rochester RV, Boat, Hunting, Vacation and Home Show 2019

10 - To Be Inspired!

  • You've spent time trying to figure out what to do with 2019...but you're good for about 10 minutes, and then the kids need food, the phone rings, or you gotta check a text. Spend time at the show and you'll walk away inspired with ideas galore for 2019!

09 - You Wanna Get Out There!

  • You want to get out there and be a part of the world. Up in the Boundry Waters Area, on the Mississippi, or traveling around the country, Universal Marine and RV has a way to get you there!

08 - Browse, Compare and Talk Directly with Contractors

  • Calling around, checking websites...forget it. You can talk directly with the contractors, ready and eager to answer questions and make suggestions! They're the pros!

07- Exclusive Show Offers

  • Find what you're looking for? Lock in the deal right then and save a ton of money with special you'll only get this weekend.

06 - Cabella's of Owatonna

  • You love Cabellas but you don't have the time to drive to Owatonna? Perfect! Drive to the Mayo Civic Center and see the huge setup Cabellas will have at the show.

05 - All Craft Exteriors!

  • It has been realllllly cold, and you watched the cold air move your blinds and curtains around. Check with them to find the perfect windows and doors (roofs, gutters, and more) to save you money and keep the cold outside!

04 - Haley Comfort Systems

  • Heating? AIr conditioners? Fireplaces? Like I said, its cold. The perfect stylish fireplace can keep you all warm and makes a house a home.

03 - The Lakes And Co

  • Travel all around the state while standing still with their magazines that show you the amazing and fun places to visit in Minnesota!

02 - Famous Faces

  • Demos on Saturday and Sunday include a Saturday with two Terry Tuma seminars! "Terry Tuma is a 2013 Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame inductee and one of the most prolific outdoor communicators the Upper Midwest." (Source)

01 - It Is Fun!

  • You will have such a good time! Make sure you stop by the Townsquare Media - Rochester booth and find out how to win cool stuff, and see what games you can play!

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