On Tuesday I will be hosting a special hour long AM Minnesota Program. The topic is my Top Five Ag Stories for 2017. My top story is the financial stress many farm families are experiencing. This is the result of low commodity prices for a number of years. Kent Thiesse  Ag Analyst from Lake Crystal will be on the air to discuss my top story.

My second choice is Dicambia and off target movement. It was not as big an issue here as it was in the southern states. However, many farmers were following the news wondering if Dicambia would be taken off the market by the EPA or the Minnesota Department of Agriculture. My guest for this topic will be Bob Worth who led the Minnesota Soybean Growers Dicambia Drift Task Force.

My third story is the weather with Tom Hoverstad from the Southern Research and Outreach Center at Waseca. Number four is weeds, waterhemp and giant ragweed with Lisa Behnken from the Rochester Regional Extension office. My fifth story is soybean white mold and my guest will be Dave Nicolai Extension Educator from the Farmington Regional Office.

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