If you look up in the sky tonight you'll catch a glimpse of the largest supermoon of the year, according to EarthSky. And on top of that, it'll also be a pink moon!

Unfortunately, this doesn't mean the moon will be pink. I know, that disappointed me too. But this will still be the largest supermoon of 2020! This is a great excuse to get outside (social distancing still, of course), taking a break from all of the Coronavirus news, and check out this cool moon.

CBS News writes that the super 'pink moon' will be at it's closest to the Earth at 9:35 PM tonight. That's when it'll appear the biggest.

So what's up with it being called a pink moon when it's not actually going to be pink? Jacqueline Faherty is an astrophysicist at the American Museum of Natural History. She told CBS News that the name 'pink moon' "is linked to the spring season and a wildflower native to North America called moss phlox that blossoms in beautiful pink colors."

If you have any cool pictures of the moon from tonight you can send them to us via our app!

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