It was on January 11, 1878 that the first milk deliveries were made in glass bottles here in the United States so it has been designated National Milk Day. It was Alexander Campbell with the New York Dairy Company that was the first to make milk deliveries in glass bottles. It was in 1884 that American doctor Hervey Thatcher came up with the first glass bottle. It was called the "Thatcher's Common Sense Milk Jar." Thatcher used a wax paper disk that would seal the bottle. It was in 1932 Victor W. Farris introduced the plastic coated paper milk carton.

In the middle ages milk was called "the virtuous white liquor because alcoholic beverages were much more reliable than water. Milk became much safer and had extended shelf life in 1863 when French Chemist and biologist Louis Pasteur developed a way for killing any harmful bacteria in milk that is now called pasteurization. World wide more than 6 billion people drink milk and consume other products made form milk including butter, ice cream, yogurt and of course cheese.

I have a new name for milk. I call it "Mother Natures most perfect food." The first food that sustains life and growth for mammals is milk. It is a concentrated source of protein and other essential nutrients like calcium, potassium, vitamin B 12, and vitamin A. It seems like something that tastes good is not good for your health but milk and dairy products are good for you and taste good!




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