It isn't every day that you can wake up and take in the views from atop a silo. One Central Minnesota AirBNB is offering you that chance, and the views it offers are pretty cool.

The property, listed on Airbnb, is described online as "Overlooking 4 counties in Minnesota, this is an authentic farm. Bring a kayak and fishing pole and get lost in nature. A Sunrise beyond your imagination! Friendly farm animals. 10 minutes to St Cloud, 5 to the Mississippi River."

The listing continues stating that you'll be REALLY staying on a working farm, one that "the family has been working since the '50s. As farming profits dipped, the family reconfigured the unused silo as a rustic living space with endless views of their pastoral grounds. The barn was built in 1909 and still serves as a barn; the silo went into disuse, and just bit by bit they built two living units into it. As one guest stated, 'The views are jaw-dropping.'"

I've walked up into silos before on family friends' farms, but I never thought about turning an unused one into a living space. In the pictures below, you have to check out where they snuck in the bathroom.

Overall the cost to stay is comparable to what you'd pay in the Twin Cities for views of Minneapolis of St. Paul as the host has listed the price at roughly $185/night. One thing to note, if you are going to get away, you'll do just that as there isn't wifi in the silo, so you'll at least accomplish getting away from it all, while maybe standing still from atop this Central Minnesota silo.

Clear Lake Silo

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