“Think and wonder. Wonder and think.” ~ Dr. Seuss

A friend of ours passed along this sweet deal to us over the weekend, and of course my first thought was this reminds me of Columbia House when you'd buy 10 CD's for a penny each or something... remember that? You kids that are too young will understand the reference in a minute.

Anyways, my kid loves bedtime (Well, when she's ready for it that is) and we have a pretty neat routine where she gets to pick out a couple books that we'll read to her but she always seems to gravitate to either her "Critter" books, or Dr. Seuss. That's why I'm going to definitely take advantage of this deal found on earlymoments.com, which is a site that helps parents get their kids interested in reading.

Right now, the site is offering five Dr. Seuss books for $5.95 with Free Shipping and no catch! Don't think that's anything special? Well a quick Google search landed me on BarnesandNoble.com and many these same books will run you around $10 a piece, so why wouldn't you pounce on this?

Granted Charlee is only two and a half and not quite ready to begin reading on her own just yet, but since I love to plan ahead this is a cheap and easy way to stock her book shelves with more titles she'll eventually love to read just like her daddy did when he was a kid.

“You’re off to great to places. Today is your day. Your mountain is waiting. So get on your way.” ~ Dr. Seuss

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