Cleanliness is next to Godliness. If that is true, this North Mankato man must not be very religious, at least, according to his neighbors. 

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All retired botany and physics professor, Ed Borchardt, wanted was a natural yard full of native plants and flowers that would attract all walks of wildlife, specifically birds, bees, and butterflies. 

And things were going great until his unmanicured lawn was declared a public nuisance.

The City of North Mankato wasn't a fan of the untidy look. The city believed the yard didn't meet the standard of a new local ordinance that encourages naturally managed yards.

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However, according to AP News, the appeals courts said a city can't declare a nuisance “based on little more than neighbors’ displeasure with the property’s appearance.” In other words, no evidence suggested Borchardt's yard was a hazard to public health or safety.

This is fantastic news for Borchardt! Unfortunately, the case is still not closed. 

City Administrator John Harrenstein stated:

"The property in question still remains, in our opinion, a nuisance according to our existing code."

It looks like Borchardt may have a long-term battle on his hands. After the appeal, Harrenstein said the city plans to consult with its lawyer to figure out how to move forward with the case.

What are your thoughts on this predicament? Should the city be allowed to dictate how one's yard looks? It's a tricky question. Of course, I think he should be able to maintain his yard in a way he sees fit, but I also understand the pain of a neighborhood 'eyesore.' Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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