You've seen the billboards that line the highways and interstates here in Minnesota, we know the giant that lurks with arms wide-open. Yesterday another real estate agency in the Twin Cities just dropped the mic in the most rock way ever as they debuted their spoofed Twisted Sister music video. Voila Real Estate reinvented Twisted Sister's 'I Wanna Rock' into the Real Estate anthem of 'We Wanna Buy'. It's amazing.

I have to say this is epic.

James Anderson and Joey Torkildson are the masterminds behind the brand, both are long-time Army veterans according to their bios online. And apparently, both must REALLY like Twisted Sister.

According to the real estate website, the two created the company as a way to give people buying/selling their homes another choice in the market.

Maybe this will be the future of real estate ads, which to me is way more fun to see than a 10 mile stretch of the interstate with a giant man standing with his arms wide open.

If they were to do another rock spoof video, what should it be? Maybe it's a full shift into another genre. Either way, the whole group looks like they were having fun with the video.

I shot James and Joey an email this morning about the inspiration for the music video and this is what Joey shot back:

"It was actually my business partner James. He heard the Twisted Sister song and said “Dude we should do the song with “I wanna buy” and attach that to all our offer emails since the market got so crazy and we wanted to stand out for our buyer clients!

We also just like to have FUN as that is really what life is about! Our entire team is in that video and they all played full out and it was a great team-building experience! 

Thanks for sharing the love brother and YES…..another video idea is brewing"

May I request some Motley Crue?

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