Happy Friday! Just to the North of Stillwater sitting in the St. Croix River, on the Minnesota side, lies a small island. This island, which does have a real name, looks just like an old-fashioned boot when you rotate the map.

The island is actually known as St. Croix Islands State Recreation Area on maps and is a place that you can pull your boat up to and spend the day in the water or on a chair on the island. That sounds pretty nice right now, especially since we might see some snow this weekend...

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I ran into a post back in January on a Minnesota-based social media page, that showed this boot island surrounded by snow and ice, but I forgot all about it. It's kind of a fun find, that would make a scavenger hunt a little tougher if you were going to do one this summer as you explore all Minnesota has to offer.

I'm sure when you look at this island from the water you can't really tell that it looks like a boot from above. I wonder how long after this island formed/appeared before someone noticed its unique shape?

Image Credit: Google Maps
Image Credit: Google Maps

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