According to a press release from the City of Owatonna, an iconic piece of Central Park will be getting a new coat of paint, to preserve it for the next several years. The fountain in Owatonna's Central Park, will undergo the work this week and be completed by Memorial Day.

According to the press release, "the City of Owatonna Parks, Facilities, and Recreation Department has selected a contractor who will sandblast, prime, and paint the historic fountain in Central Park. This project is expected to begin any day and be completed by Memorial Day weekend, depending on the weather. Work on the fountain in 2021 included reinforcing its foundation, aligning the bowl, repairing the spray ring, refurbishing its centerpiece, installing a handicap-accessible drinking fountain with a doggy drinker near the fountain, and painting. Shortly after the fresh paint was applied, there was an issue with it not adhering to the surface as expected. The work being planned this month will correct this issue. Central Park has become one of Owatonna’s iconic landmarks."

The City of Owatonna website states that the park, which was once a swamp was acquired by the City of Owatonna in 1855, with the fountain being placed on it in 1909. The park is often used as a place to enjoy a meal during the summer months and is decorated with Christmas lights during the holiday season.

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