Minnesota has an official state photo, and that photo, called Grace was taken in Bovey Minnesota back in 1918. Since the photo was recognized as the official state photograph in 2002, the hometown of the photo has memorialized it on their street signs! How cool is that?

According to the Minnesota Secretary of State's website: "The photograph “Grace,” depicting an elderly man bowing his head and giving thanks, was taken in Bovey, Minnesota in 1918 by Eric Enstrom, and was adopted as the official state photograph in 2002. A copy of the photograph is on display in the secretary of state’s office in St. Paul."

I only learned recently about the street sign homage to the photograph through a fun group on Facebook called Quirky Minnesota Places. While it's hard to see the image clearly on Google Maps, you can see that there is something different on the left side of the street sign, and you can kind of make out the praying man.

Image Credit: Google Maps
Image Credit: Google Maps

While the image appears on some street signs, not all of the signs in town have the famous photograph on them.

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If you head up to Bovey, you'll see the famous picture in many places throughout town, other than the street signs, but to experience the street signs you'll have to travel along 2nd Street and 2nd Ave.

If your hometown were to have an icon or image on it's street signs what would it be? Let us know in the comments!

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