There are 168 areas in Minnesota with over 2,000 people. Many of them are filled with happy people who have a lot to be happy about. Others are filled with problems, poverty, and despair. Here are the top 10 Most Miserable Cities in Minnesota!

Before we go any further, you are probably wondering how someone determines what qualifies as a "miserable" city. One might reason that it is based on how angry and miserable the town residents act. That might be a good gauge too, but not very scientific. scoured data on these 168 areas that included commute times, unemployment rate, cost of living, % married, % home owners, poverty rate, and % with a college degree.  They crunched the numbers and they found out that these are pretty miserable in these towns.

*I will go on record saying that I've spent some time in some of these cities and didn't feel that the people were miserable.  In fact, the #1 city makes me happy whenever I visit.

Gallery - Top 10 Most Miserable Cities in Minnesota

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