I know it is cold in Minnesota, so I took this picture to make you feel better. There is ice in Phoenix, too! One of the streets by our hotel was closed and an ice skating rink was moved in. The two young ladies in the picture are part of the Arizona Coyotes Paw Control. The Paw Control is a group of 30 ladies who entertain the fans and sweep the ice during intermissions.

In addition, the Paw Control represent and promote the professional hockey team in Phoenix area -- the Arizona Coyotes. This group began in 2006 as the Pack. The Pack were the first professional dance team to dance right on the ice. The Pack evolved into the Paw Control. In addition to entertaining fans during hockey games, they make numerous appearances around the area. They visit children in hospitals, hand out medals at the end of 5K races and many other types of appearances,

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