You may want to add this to your agenda if you ever make a trip to the north shore.

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The immense beauty and some of the oldest trees in the state in a nearly 6,700-acre park in the North Shore.

The George Crosby Manitou State Park was established back in 1995. The park includes trees that date back to the 1600s according to Only In Your State. 

The park is undeveloped, which means there are beautiful acres of undistributed forset. According to Only In Your State, guest who visit the park can explore 24 miles of walking trails.

"Guests can explore the forests along 24 miles of hiking trails throughout the park. In the winter, snowshoeing is also a common activity throughout the park. On these trails, guests can pass through what just might be the oldest forest in Minnesota."


The park, named after George Crosby Manitou, donated the park's original lands, is located at 7616 Co Hwy 7, Finland, Minnesota, according to the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources. If you plan on visiting the park you'll want to get your vehicle permit beforehand, along with a ski pass if you plan on using the groomed trails.  

Even if you want to wait until the summer of 2021, you'll be able to explore great scenery in the oldest forest in the state. This sounds like a great long-weekend trip for the family, or maybe a nice getaway for a couple.


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