Everyone should know by now that I love to go out to eat, and luckily Minnesota is full of delicious gems. Naturally, Minneapolis and St. Paul are massive breeding grounds for delectable eateries, but which ones stand out among the masses?

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Last year, Mpls-St. Paul Magazine called upon their readers for some guidance. What are the best restaurants in the area? 

This is what the readers' picked. We'll start with Minneapolis.

Top Five Minneapolis Restaurants According to Readers' Pick

1. Spoon and Stable

2. Young Joni

3. Bar La Grassa

4. Smack Shack

5. Martina

All amazing contenders! I have especially heard phenomenal things about Spoon and Stable. Though these are all exceptional eateries, I have to admit, St. Paul holds my heart (or stomach, that is).

Top 5 St. Paul Restaurant According to Readers' Pick

1. Meritage

2. Handsome Hog

3. Revival

4. The Lexington

5. Cossetta

I have an acquaintance who cooks at Meritage, and I do believe some of the best food in the world comes out of that kitchen. But Cossetta's is a classic pick as well.

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[Honestly, my favorite restaurant in Minnesota isn't even in the cities. It's actually in Arden Hills. Lindey's Prime Steak House is a must-visit.

Mpls-St. Paul Magazine also created a list of the top cuisine restaurants in the cities, including Chinese, French, Greek, Italian, Indian, and many others. You can review the full list here.

The Readers' did admit that the Twin Cities needs more Seafood, Hot Pot, and Cuban restaurants. What are your thoughts? What new eatery would you like to see in Minnesota?

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