UNDATED -- Fall begins at 2:20 p.m. Wednesday, depending on who you ask. Rachel Humphery is an Assistant Professor of Meteorology and Science Education at St. Cloud State. She says there is some debate on if the fall equinox is the start of fall.

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If we're talking about climate, climatological fall started on September 1st. September, October, November, those are the fall months. If you talk to an astronomer though, fall starts tomorrow (Wednesday).

The fall equinox is celebrated by ancient cultures as a harvest holiday all over the world. The Romans had the festival of festival of Pomona, the goddess of fruit. Many European Pegan religions have holidays that celebrate the start of winter preparations. And, the Chinese have the Moon Festival which celebrates the bounty of the summer harvest.

After today, we will have more darkness than light and less intense sunlight, which means winter is coming.

Fall Leaves at Saint Cloud State University


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