Are they serious?

The holiday season is rapidly approaching and being that we are still battling COVID across the country, the CDC has announced a few recommendations for Thanksgiving.

Like in 2020, the CDC is recommending that if you are hosting family or friends at your house, you should encourage social distancing, wear masks, or even consider celebrating the holiday virtually.

However, the CDC has also added another recommendation to the list. They say that if you're hosting family in your house, you should consider putting a BOX FAN in your window to circulate fresh air in your home.


We've heard throughout this pandemic that the transmission of COVID drastically decreases when outdoors or where there's good air circulation, thus a fan in the window may do the trick.

How do you feel about this? Would you even consider putting a fan in the window for Thanksgiving if you're hosting? Let us know in the comment section on social media.

Also, I should note here that we've heard about a fan in the window in one of our favorite songs by 5th Ward Weebie. Remember the song "Let Me Find Out"? Well, at the 1:55 mark he talks about a fan in the window and you can hear it below.

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