I am a huge fan of Carpool Karaoke, but seeing my favorite Vikings players jamming with with Chris Hawkey is even better.

Some are more talented on the football field, and some are more talent with their signing pipes. CBS' James Corden started the craze when he brought celebrities, musical artist and other guests into his vehicle, driving around and signing some of their top hits.

It is pretty entertaining stuff, there is no doubt about that, and the Vikings took that and ran with it. With Chris Hawkey and a number of different Vikings took their signing talents to the car. Some are much better than others, but it is another way for fans to connect with some of their favorite players.

From Brian Robison to Kyle Rudolph, the Vikings find a way to entertain their fans at a high level. Here is the best of Vikings CARaoke from last season:

It really took the world by storm, and even made its way to the...boat? Check out Trolling Tunes. It is like Carpool Karaoke, but in a boat? Oh yeah, the host is from Stewartville, Minnesota. So that is pretty sweet. His name is Aaron Simmons, check it out:

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