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I'm not sure how many times donuts have led to the arrest of an individual, but I'm pretty sure it's a rare occurrence. A man in Abilene, Texas was arrested on Tuesday and was able to be identified in a recent robbery because of the donut wrapper from a package he was accused of stealing.

The 31-year-old man was arrested Tuesday after a robbery attempt at a  7-Eleven on South 14th Street in Abilene. According to KXAN, this robbery wasn't his first attempt of the day.

Court documents state that half an hour before the attempted robbery at South 14th Street, another 7-Eleven was hit on South 11th Street and Treadway Boulevard. But according to KXAN even this wasn't where he began his crime spree:

About a week-and-a-half earlier, Burson was caught on surveillance video, according to court documents, at Farm & Ranch Western Wear, when his payment was declined. Upon the card being handed back by the cashier, Burson was seen using “force” to take the merchandise without paying.

When police responded to the call at Farm & Ranch Western Wear on Jan. 28, they reported that Burson injured the cashier while taking the merchandise from her, allegedly almost ripping off one of her fingernails.

The cashier reported giving Burson’s description to police and advised that he drove away in a red vehicle.

After the suspect was arrested, he was fond to be in possession of the pepper spray used to in the robbery at one of the 7-Eleven. When police were given consent to continue the search, they found a wrapper laying on the living room floor from the package of doughnuts from 7-Eleven. Oops.

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