Is this the "new norm" now?

Watch as a teen gets on a bus in San Francisco and then sits behind a middle-aged woman. What happens next is disgusting.

The teenager, who is dressed in all red, casually sets the woman's hair on fire while they are in transit.

Police say that they are looking for the suspect so that they can build a case against the person who did this, but many on social media are asking why the suspect's face is blocked out in the video.


Some have even suggested that the person would have already been caught had his face not been blurred out in the video below.

Here are just a few examples of people on Twitter questioning the San Fransico Police why they decided to blur out the suspect's face and image in the video.


There's no report on the severity of the burns the woman may have suffered in this hideous prank, but to think that someone could do this to anyone is disturbing.

Police descirbed the suspect in this case as a black teen wearing a red outfit and carrying a black backpack.

We'll continue to follow this story out of San Franciso and we hope that the person responsible for this disturbing behavior is brought to justice.

We have to be better than this.


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