Does our 'Minnesota Niceness' translate into being the least-aggressive drivers in the country? A new survey thinks it just might.

That's the conclusion we're left drawing from this GasBuddy survey. It tracked the Most Aggressive Drivers in the nation's biggest metro areas. And, surprise, surprise, Minneapolis-St. Paul finished at the very bottom out of 30 cities, with GasBuddy finding that its drivers 12.59 percent less aggressive than the American average.

Are you buying that? I don't know-- it seems to me I've encountered a few fairly aggressive drivers in the Twin Cities. But perhaps this BringMeTheNews story has uncovered the reason behind that high ranking.

They say the survey is flawed because it only tracks drivers who use the GasBuddy app, which may not give a complete look into ALL of Minnesota's drivers. Plus, the survey uses "data from GasBuddy’s Drives feature in the GasBuddy app that offers drivers an assessment of their driving habits during their trip in an effort to improve fuel efficiency, mapping out when and where a poor driving habit occurred," the survey noted.

So, where does the GasBuddy say the Most Aggressive drivers are? That'd be out in Los Angeles, followed by Philadelphia, Sacramento, Atlanta, and San Francisco. I've driven in ALL those cities and, to be honest, and traffic didn't don't seem too much different than in Minneapolis when it's busy.

It's interesting to note, though, that only the Twin Cities rank as the Least Aggressive drivers in the country. When you expand the GasBuddy survey to the entire state of Minnesota, we're ranked at #39. Now, that's not terribly aggressive, mind you-- only 10 states are less aggressive-- but it's not the bottom of the list, either.

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