According to reports, a Subway employee has been suspended after fighting off an attempted robbery while at work. The viral Tik-Tok shows the employee wrestling a gun away from the robber all while defending herself. The business apparently suspended the employee for sharing video of the incident on social media.

Tik Tok via @yadalove07
Tik Tok via @yadalove07

Surveillance footage from the Subway in Illinois clearly shows an employee fighting off an attempted armed robbery, but unfortunately it is the employee who is being punished after this scary moment.


Reports say that it all started when Araceli Sotelo was working alone in a Subway restaurant and a man entered, demanding money and flashing a gun.


As Sotelo told the man to leave and explained that she didn't have any money, the alleged robber threatened to hurt her.


After the robber attempted to grab her purse, Sotelo began fighting back and eventually wrestled the gun away and also pulled his sweatshirt off. After realizing he was at a disadvantage, the robber conceded and pleaded for his gun and clothes back. Sotelo proceeded to hit him in the head with the weapon.

See the Tik-Tok of the incident the Subway employee posted below.

Sotelo was not made out to be a hero in these circumstances, particularly by her employers, who said she would be suspended until she took videos of the incident off of social media.

See the report from @Complex via Twitter below.

Per the report, Sotelo noted that she believed the business wanted her to take the videos down, "...because they do not want corporate to know".

After the headlines Sotelo's story has made now, I am sure the Subway corporate office has caught wind of this situation by now.

I think Subway is betraying their employee who fought so hard to protect both herself and the store. This alleged robber had a gun and was threatening Sotelo's life, but still she decided not to back down and ended up taking control of a dangerous situation.

Many on social media were reacting to the story, with some saying Sotelo shouldn't have risked her own life in this incident.

Others commended the employee for fighting off the attack.

What do you think? Was the employee right to fight back? Should she has given the robber what he wanted to ensure her own safety? Should the employer have suspended Sotelo for sharing this video on social media?

Here is what I think - I hope this incident helps Sotelo realize she is worth much more than what her employer's are currently valuing her at. Even if the business owner didn't want her to share these surveillance videos on social media, I think you have to regard this woman as a hero for what she did in the face of danger.

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