Happiness is not an easy element to measure as it is based on a vast combination of internal and external factors. With this in mind, researchers at WalletHub geared up for the seemingly impossible: finding the amount of 'happiness' in each state.

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As the WalletHub experts explained:

"Happiness is more than a feeling of joy or excitement. It relies on various aspects of a person’s life — from emotional well-being to job satisfaction."

They based their findings on three key aspects:

  • Emotional & Physical Well-Being, which accounted for 50% of states' overall scores.
  • Work Environment,  which contributed to 25% of the scores.
  • Community & Environment,  which accounted for the last 25%.

And it turns out, The Land of 10,000 Lakes is rather joyful, as we came in 2nd!

Minnesota had an overall score of 67.52. We ranked second in the emotional & physical well-being category, fourth in the work environment category, and ninth in the community & environment category. 

So, what state is the happiest if it's not Minnesota?

Utah! Utah ended with a score of 72.94. Though they ranked ninth in the emotional & psychical well-being section, they ranked first in the last two categories. 

Our neighboring states ranked decently too! North Dakota came in 5th, and South Dakota was directly behind them in 6th. Down ten more spots were Iowa and Wisconsin at 15th and 16th. 

So, when life gets you down, just remember at least we don't live in Wisconsin. 

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