In October of 2010, Joey + Rory released "That's Important to Me" as the second single from their sophomore album, the aptly titled Album Number Two. Co-written by Joey Feek, Rory Feek, Tim Johnson and Joe Motola, the song charted on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart in February of 2011. Below, learn the story behind "That's Important to Me," as told by Joey + Rory to The Boot in late 2010.

Joey Feek: We wrote this song about seven years ago. We were just newly married, so we were, of course, just getting to know each others' things that are really important to us.

I was raised in Indiana on a farm with my parents. As we got married, we had girls right away [Rory Feek's two daughters, Heidi and Hopie, from a previous relationship]. Just seeing the life I had as a kid and the way that we wanted to raise our girls, in terms of just getting out of debt, being good examples for our girls, going outside and enjoying life, playing, and enjoying the simple things and turning off the TV -- it was literally just a list of all these ideas of things that were important to me growing up as a kid. We wanted to pass those down to our girls and pass those on to other people, because I know there are a lot of other people out there who feel the same way. The things that I was raised on, a lot of people were, too. And if they weren't, they long for that or would like to have that.

We started writing these words down and this melody. Then, before long, something just happened. Now, it's a song that we sing at every show and every radio visit that we do. It's a cornerstone of who we are, not only as a married couple, but of our music and why it represents us.

Rory Feek: Of every song that we sing or that we've recorded, that song really is the cornerstone. For me, what has made this song so neat, was that we wrote it all those years ago when Joey was trying to be a solo artist, but that never happened. Now for it to come full circle and for us to sing it every night and put it on our album together, it's really special. To hear her sing the lyrics, about being proud to be a wife and a mother, stands out to me. People don't really sing about that and I don't know why. Most women are, but it never shows up in a song. For us to be able to say that and to hear my wife sing that every single night, that means a lot to us.

We hope that big, big things happen with this song, but mostly that it gets out there and has a chance to be heard by other folks.

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