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I get it. You're tired of wearing a mask and probably tired of this entire COVID-19 pandemic. Who isn't at this point? We've all heard about the news stories of people arguing with employees at restaurants, grocery stores, and, of course, the airlines.

The latest story comes out of New York City where three Texans reportedly got into a fight with a hostess and the fight because physical.

According to KXAN, the three people from Texas hit the hostess after she asked for their COVID-19 vaccination card. It's not a company mandate, but instead a mandate from New York City. The City of New York requires that businesses make their customers present proof of vaccine if they want to dine inside, go to a gym, or see a show.

From KXAN:

The New York City Police Department said just before 5 p.m. local time Thursday, officers responded to Carmine’s Restaurant on Broadway where they found a woman who said three people had hit her after she asked for their COVID-19 vaccine card. She had bruises and scratches on her face, chest and arm, NYPD said. It added her necklace also broke in the struggle.

The NBC affiliate in New York City reported the woman was a hostess at the restaurant. The news station also received video of the attack, which showed the hostess stand nearly toppling and a number of people nearby trying to intervene.

This is just stupid. I understand not liking mandates about being against masking, but getting into fights or yelling at employees who are simply attempting to do their job and enforce what they're told to do is just stupid.

The employees and flight attendants don't make up the rules on COVID-19 protocols; it's above their pay grade. I recently traveled to Hawaii and knew that I had to wear a mask in the airport, on the plane (except when eating or drinking), and when going inside businesses in Hawaii. Was it annoying? Yes, but we made the decision to go and I got over the mask wearing.

If you're traveling to New York City or Hawaii right now, be prepared to show your vaccine card. You may not like it, but you're the one who chose to travel. Protest the decision makers if you want, but arguing with employees or flight attendants? You just look dumb.

Here at home, the same thing goes. Thankfully, we don't have to deal with mandates. But if a business requires masks, speak to the manager or owner, not the employee, who has zero power to do anything about it.

It's common sense and courtesy...something we should see a lot more of.

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