Before Steve Moakler found success as an artist in his own right, he was a full-time songwriter, penning tracks for stars such as Jake Owen, Eric Church and Dierks Bentley. These days, when he's not out on the road performing his music, Moakler still spends plenty of time in Nashville writing for other artists.

Given his background as a prolific songwriter, it's fitting that the first time he heard himself playing on the radio, Moakler had to take a break from a songwriting session in order to celebrate. Read on to learn all the details, from Moakler himself, about where he was and what he was doing the first time he heard his song come on the radio.

It happened here! Here in Nashville. I heard [one of my songs] while I was driving around on Music Row.

Actually, I was in a writing session that day. We were in the middle of working on writing a song, and I heard that I was going to be coming on the radio. The station was the Big 98. I told my co-writers, and we ran outside and climbed into my truck.

When it came on, we just rolled the windows down, drove around Music Row and celebrated. It was an incredible feeling, hearing it. It was so cool.

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