The Executive Director of the Steele County Clothesline, Maureen Schlobohm, stopped by KDHL studios today for AM Minnesota. I had never heard of the Steele County Clothesline, but my first thought, it was like a food shelf only for clothes. That was about right. Dedicated volunteers distribute donated critically needed clothing, shoes, outerwear along with towels, sheets, blankets and even utensils you would use in a kitchen to families in need.

Maureen said they realized many people in the area were in need of clothing and did not know about the Steele County Clothesline. In addition, many people were throwing  away clothing that many families could use during the long, cold Minnesota winter. A lot of slightly worn clothing was ending up in the landfill that could be used by families struggling to pay for food, shelter, health care and other expenses.

In addition, Maureen asked KDHL to help let people know about a fundraiser coming up January 28 at the Owatonna Country Club. It is the first Come Fly With Us. Different areas of the Owatonna Country Club will be decorated like different parts of the United States. When you get there you get a passport allowing you to "fly" to other areas in the United States to learn what they are like. One was the Napa Valley in California, another the southwestern United States.

What a great idea to have fun and raise money for a great cause of helping families in our community! To register or learn more about donating clothes and other slightly used goods to the Steele County Clothes Line go to their website: Steele County Clothes Line.

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