I am a big fan of the supernatural and especially ghost hunting. I mean one of my favorite shows has been Ghost Adventures, and some of my favorite YouTubers are ghost hunters or have ghost hunting shows (I recommend checking out the channel ‘watcher’). So, when I found out I could become a ghost hunter myself I thought I’d share the news with other lovers of the paranormal!

Now you can stay the night in the Boyd House, which is just about 145 miles SW of the Twin Cities. In the middle of nowhere in a town with a population of 175, the Boyd house sits waiting for people to enter and hear not only the stories of the past but to hear the entities that reside in the house.

To dive into the history of why this place is haunted it starts with the Eckhardt Family. According to the house’s website, the Eckhardt family which consisted of “Fred and Minnie Eckhardt, moved into the house in 1912. Fred was a well-respected businessman in town. He owned the general dry goods store. Fred was the justice of the peace, served on the school board, and fire department church board, and helped build the Lutheran church. Two of their [four] children sadly passed away in the home. Minnie passed away in the home in 1955 and her funeral was held in the living room. Fred passed away in the home in 1958.”

Now owned by Jill Shelly, who has had an interest in the spirit world, currently owns and operates the Boyd house as a place to remember the history, and the family, and to experience the paranormal. According to paranormaldailynews.com, when Jill first stepped into the house, she felt as if she was being watched. They continue to explain how “Jill was given a book about Boyd’s history called “Memories 1884-1984 Boyd” which was put together by Boyd town volunteers.” Jill claims that when she opened the book in the house activity increased. It was noted in the article that the spirits were emotionally motivated when the photographs and written documents came back.

Boyd house has four bedrooms and 2 bathrooms and Jill and her husband have decorated the house to replicate what it could have looked like back in the early 1900s to help spirits feel at home and comfortable to create activity.

Since then many paranormal investigators and lovers have spent time in the house collecting evidence that includes “audible voices and EVPs, shadows and apparitions, doors and cabinets opening, footsteps being heard, touching, objects being moved and paranormal equipment interaction,” explains the house’s website. While there is no report of any evil spirits here paranormaldailynews.com notes that “one of the video recordings Jill Shelley has, is a voice saying “He stabbed her,” as well as “Jill describes feeling extremely uneasy at the threshold of the master bedroom closet.” Could this mean something more sinister happened or are the ghosts just pranking us?

While this is all speculation, it still sounds like a fun adventure to me! If you are at all interested you can explore their website, as well as book an overnight stay for $200. All information is credited to the Boyd House website, and paranormaldailynews.com.

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