In a message sent via video from various elected officials, public health leaders, and area hospital leadership was clear, stay home. The video which was produced by Area Healthcare Providers from Steele And Rice Counties give those who watch great information on why staying home is important. The recorded message isn't intended for those at greatest risk, but for the population who may not realize they have COVID-19 and unintentionally spread it.

Watching the 2-minute long video you get the importance of staying home to protect our area communities from the spread of COVID-19.

According to the Star Tribune, police departments are writing citations for violating the stay-at-home order, the first of which happened in Southern Minnesota back in March.

A Winnebago, Minn. police officer was on patrol last month when he was struck by the sight of four cars parked outside a bar.

When that officer attempted to investigate whether the bar was defying Gov. Tim Walz’s March 16 executive order requiring bars and restaurants to cease dine-in service, he found the door locked, but later found that four men were inside of the bar playing cards and drinking.

The bar owner David Schuster, according to the Star Tribune, was charged March 26 in Faribault County District Court with violating any emergency powers order or rule.

On a much lighter note, Faribault Mayor Kevin Voracek filmed his portion of the video right outside the Power 96/KDHL building allowing for the brief cameo appearance of some of our vehicles!

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