'Minnesota Bound' is a popular show on KARE 11 who has had a black lab named Raven on the show for many many years. Over the years there have actually been three different black labs all named Raven as the "stars" of the show, and all three were related. Sadly, the last Raven in this lineage has just passed away at the age of 13.

'Minnesota Bound' posted on Facebook a heartfelt message about Raven's passing:

Raven, the star of our show, is gone.
At age 13 and a half, the famous black lab, the third Raven sidekick for Minnesota Bound’s Ron Schara, passed peacefully as burning sage and Indian Flute music played in the night.

Raven was on the show since February of 1995. She also helped make the black lab the Minnesota state dog!

A question many people are asking is if there's going to be another Raven. At the end of the 'Minnesota Bound' Facebook post they say:

Is there an unrelated Raven in the future? Doubtful but maybe… after our tears dry and our sadness fades.

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