Earlier this afternoon the St. Paul Police department released the footage of the traffic stop that an officer conducted on St. Paul Representative John Thompson early in the morning on the 4th of July. Rep. Thompson early on called the traffic stop racially motivated.

The traffic stop starts off with the St. Paul police officer having just stopped Rep. Thompson and adjusting his spotlight onto Thompson's vehicle. The officer approaches Thompson's vehicle and asks a question that isn't heard as the camera microphone isn't working yet.

Once the audio kicks in you can hear the St. Paul officer ask Thompson why he is in such a hurry in which Rep Thompson responds that he didn't think that he took off 'like a bat out of hell.'

The officer then asks for Rep. Thompson's insurance information which Thompson states it's on his phone, and then Thompson mentions that he is the state representative of this area, to which the officer responds "With a Wisconsin license?" to which Thompson reaffirms he is the state representative with a Wisconsin license.

The officer then tells Thompson to hold tight while he would be right back.

The officer then heads back to the car to run Thompson's information through his squad's computer. After several minutes the officer comes back to Thompson's vehicle apologizes it took so long and then told Thompson that his license was suspended in Minnesota and he would have to 'take it up' with them.

Thompson then asked the officer why he was "pulled over again", in which the officer responds it was for no front license plate and "taking off quickly." Thompson refutes this and states that he was pulled over because he was black. It was at this time Thompson holds up a cell phone that appears to be streaming or recording the incident.

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