Most places in the world consider this plant a weed. In Minnesota we put it in everything, and burgers are no exception. Searles on Fifth Ave is known for their unique and extensive menu, and their latest creation is a seasonal offering created of the stalky plant.

Say WHAT?!?
Yep! Our newest seasonal burger is the RHUBARB BURGER. Grilled rhubarb, fresh kale, provolone cheese with a homemade mango habanero honey-maple syrup drizzle on a fresh ground burger. Served with fries or side salad.

This burger creation is only being offered for a limited time because as well know rhubarb season doesn't last forever.

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As strange as the concept for this is, it doesn't sound too bad. Rhubarb is one of those things that goes into everything due to it's pretty neutral flavor. Once you cook it with something else it tends to take on that flavor, and it plays well with multiple ingredients.

My fiance and I are pretty adventurous eaters, and I'll try anything once. I usually don't enjoy rhubarb-flavored things but I will for sure be trying this burger just out of sheer curiosity. I've eaten at Searles on Fifth more times than I can count and I've never had bad food there and I don't think this burger will be an exception to that rule. Who knows, this might be the newest food craze in the vegetarian world, and Searles on Fifth will be credited with creating it.

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