ST. CLOUD -- A St. Cloud man who pleaded guilty to raping two women has been sentenced for the crimes.

A Stearns County judge has sentenced 22-year-old Joseph Vogel to just over five years in prison with Vogel getting credit for already serving more than a year in the county jail.

A separate filing accused Vogel of slashing the throat of a dog after it killed two cats. As part of a plea agreement, that charge and two additional charges of domestic assault and threats of violence were dismissed.

According to the complaint, the women each claimed that while in a relationship with Vogel he pinned them down and forced intercourse on them.

One of the victims told police Vogel raped her in September 2020 after a night of drinking. The woman said she got sick and vomited in the toilet. Vogel then took off all of her clothes. Court records show the woman thought Vogel was going to put her to bed, but instead threw her down onto the bed and raped her.

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The second victim told police she and Vogel had been spending time together romantically for about a week in October 2020 before the assault. According to the charges, the woman said they were at Vogel's apartment one day and were cuddling on the couch when he began aggressively kissing her. She was able to push Vogel off. But later when the couple was kissing again, Vogel pulled the woman's pants down, pinning her to the bed, and raping her despite her pleas to stop and efforts to push him off her.

Vogel admitted to investigators they had intercourse and claimed it was consensual. Records show Vogel told police he is a "satyromaniac" and that the woman knew it would be hard for him to stop.


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