The annual spring tradition of Daylight Saving Time is officially upon us and takes effect 2AM Sunday, March 12, ushering in spring and longer days. Computers, cell phones and any other clock connected to the internet or satellite will automatically reset, but it’s a good time to double check your alarm clock, microwave clock and any other clocks around the house to make sure they are all showing the appropriate time.

The U.S. has been operating with Daylight Saving Time for decades, but not everywhere uses it. The U.S. Virgin Islands and Arizona have taken a pass on DST, and if you look at a world map, Europe and North America are among the only places still using Daylight Saving Time. That same map shows that much of the world previously used it, and it appear that Africa was never on board with changing their clocks. There are those who think that it’s an outdated system that no longer serves a purpose.

Where do you stand? Are you for or against Daylight Saving Time? While some people have strong opinions on the switch, either for or against it, I am a bit more neutral. On one hand, the whole spring forward process causes me to lose an hour of sleep. For some reason, even sleeping in later then normal in an attempt to offset the effects of Daylight Saving Time does not seem to work, and come Monday, when it’s time to return to work, you’re even more tired then normal. I imagine coffee shops love it because there is sure to be a steady stream of people needing a caffeine fix to get them through the day.

On the other hand, I love it in the fall when we gain the extra hour by falling back! More time is something I am always wishing for, so an extra hour is like a present! I also love that, after months of it being dark by 5PM, I can look outside at 6:30PM and still see daylight! There is just something about longer days that seems to put everyone in a little bit better mood.

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