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If you're an animal lover like me, you'll really enjoy spending time at an animal sanctuary. I've never been to one myself but I hear awesome things from people who have been to one. There's one about 100 miles from Rochester, Minnesota in Lindstrom that we need to visit called Farmaste Animal Sanctuary.

At Farmaste Animal Sanctuary they rescue "abused, neglected and unwanted farm animals". These farm animals are then brought to the 79-acre animal sanctuary where they get to live out the rest of their days roaming the field.

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Other than rescuing farm animals, the animal sanctuary also wants to educate people about these animals and give them a chance to connect with the animals at the sanctuary. Farmaste has cows, goats, sheep, and pigs that you can visit while on a tour of the sanctuary. During the tour, you also get a chance to go into the cow and pig enclosure and hang out with the animals.

If you're interested in check out this animal sanctuary and going on a tour, tours only happen on Saturdays at 1 PM and you have to buy a ticket in advance. Tickets are $12 and just a heads up, on their website they say they require masks on their tour, so don't forget to bring one! Also, this summer is going to be a little lacking in tours unfortunately because they're in the process of moving to a new property. So the last tour for a few months is on June 26th.

Fun fact: did you know pigs prefer to sleep nose-to-nose? Pretty cute! Keep scrolling to see more interesting facts about the different ways animals sleep.

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