A fox rescue in Southern Minnesota called Saveafox Rescue posted a virtual tour on their Facebook page for anyone to check out since they can no longer host in-person tours for the time being.

Many Minnesota businesses/organizations are sharing virtual tours. The Glensheen Mansion in Duluth recently shared one too.

Mikayla is the founder of Saveafox Rescue. In the 'About' section on their website, it says, "Most of the pups I get have been rejected by the mother and I need to finish bottle raising them. Some are ill or deformed and would have been left to die or killed inhumanely if I did not step in and rescue them."

You can take a look at the foxes they currently have at their rescue either on their website (which only gets updated once a year) or their Facebook or Instagram (which are updated much more often).

Check out the virtual tour!

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