Fire departments are often recognized as rescuing cats from trees, and other animals/pets caught in buildings that may be on fire, or in need of evacuation due to some emergency. One Southern Minnesota fire department ended up rescuing a duck after it got stuck inside of a chimney.

The Albert Lea Fire Department known as Albert Lea Fire Rescue, as they also respond to medical calls too, were called to a residence over the weekend after a homeowner thought there was something stuck in their chimney.

After arriving the three firemen approached the chimney and determined that indeed there was something stuck inside and that the 'thing' stuck was a mallard.

After a few minutes, working the flue open, and some coaxing, the duck was safely rescued from the chimney and released back outside.

Above All Chimney's website gives some advice for homeowners on what NOT to do in case an animal ends up in their chimney;

  • Don’t light your fireplace to smoke the animal out of the chimney. It can harm the animal and possibly cause damage to the flue in the process.
  • Close up the fireplace so that the animal does not enter your house.
  • You can try scaring the animal out of the chimney by making loud noises.
  • Close all of the doors surrounding the fireplace to enclose the area.

It's also advised to call animal control rather than the fire department, as animal control may have better tools available to help free a stuck animal.

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