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Our weather has been wild! We went from heat to chilly fall weather pretty quickly in my opinion. But our weather change is not as bad as what one of our neighboring states experienced. South Dakota just broke the U.S. record for the shortest period of time between 100 degrees and measurable snowfall. Snow in September? No thank you!

On Saturday, September 5th Rapid City, SD clocked in at 102 degrees. And then in just two short days, on Monday, September 7th, they received "just over a half-inch of snow", according to WCCO. That is crazy! I know we have a frost advisory across much of the state for tonight but that is a lot different than measurable snow.

Tweeted about the record-breaking few days. He said in his Tweet that the last time the record was broken was also in South Dakota but that time in Ardmore, SD. He claims it was a "questionable 3 days" in September of 1929.

Other states across the country have also received some early snowfall. Can you imagine having snow around Labor Day? It is supposed to be the last big weekend to get out and camp and do other warm-weather things with friends and family. Not for people in Rapid City I guess!

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